A Note from the Author: Sex is Manipulation

Sex is Manipulation

The “Am a Sexy Man” books are all about the men that talked about sex openly as well as used sex in their money scam.  I pretty much went along with the discussions and in some cases even initiated the discussions to see how far they would go.  These men clearly used sex to manipulate me.

How did they try to manipulate me?  They all thought that someone as old as I am and who has been a widow as long as I have been, must be desperate… their first mistake.  Then I am sure they must have thought that I was sex starved… their second mistake.  Get me on the phone and have phone sex with me?  Obviously it is the third mistake.  They all want you to lie down on the bed naked while they talk dirty to you.  The joke was on them because I was sitting at my desk fully clothed.

And it goes without saying that you should avoid sex on the webcam at all costs.  Do not take off all your clothes under any circumstance.  You never know when you will come across someone who tapes the webcam session and then blackmails you.  Women have been known to pay the scammers because they have been threatened that the tapes would be sent to their family, friends, employer, and even end up on YouTube.  Keep in mind that they also take photos of you while you are on the webcam.

These men may sound like they are actually having phone sex with you but they are not.  They all say when you are together they will make love to you 6 times a day, every day for the rest of your life.  Whoo Hooo!  Immediately after phone sex, they would come back online and they immediately ask for money.  I guess they thought I would not notice.  But I will admit that I played with them as well. I am old so nothing surprises me or shocks me anymore. LOL

Oh yes, and those men that sent me pictures of how well-endowed they were… I found most of the pictures on the internet.  LOL and sorry ladies those pictures are not in the book.  These books are purely for entertainment… and along the way if you learn how to manipulate them instead, great!  But the best advice of all is… DO NOT DO IT.



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