A Note from the Author: Education is Empowerment

Education is Empowerment

I feel very strongly that educating the public is the best defense because no government or law enforcement agency will be able to stop the wide spread scamming that occurs on dating websites. And it goes without saying that all the dating websites make it easy for the scammers to open profiles and start communicating online. The websites from what I can see do little to no screening. I also feel that the websites need to assume more responsibility in protecting its customers/clientele.

As you read through the stories in My Online Dating Journey you will note that words and phrases are hi-lighted to bring to your attention the similarities in the scam profile presented in the Characteristics book. You will see where Michael #3 copied scripts used by Michael #2 a month previous, almost word for word and almost in the same order. George and Tom used promises very similar to Michael #1 three months previous. Yes, Michael is a very popular name with scammers.

Because most of the men use prepared scripts, there are numerous similarities with all of their responses but may not be as obvious in others because some of the men tweaked the information so they are slightly different by changing some of the wording while some will add your name to the beginning or the end to make the comment more personal. Some used one or two sentences from a paragraph.

Most of the men use the same profiles and pictures; however Abraham and Michael changed their profiles and pictures often so I have included some of their subsequent profiles in their stories. George morphed into a completely different person. His picture in the morning was not the same man in the afternoon. I basically approached it like a special project and applied the same level of focus, concentrated effort and tenacity as I do in my work life. Because of this I started to seek them out and kept them busy for a while.

I recently learned that my seeking out the men as I did is called “scam busting”. I focused my energy, my time and compiled what I learned and my experiences into this set of books. Some of my Business Associates tell me I am formidable and I think some of these men did find out how true that is. I will also tell you that what I did was risky. I took chances no one should ever take, unless of course, you are an experienced Scam Buster, but I had a mission which was simply to learn from this experience and find a way to keep these men from hurting women.

Every time I contacted a man, I learned a little more about them. And maybe mother is right; I do have more guts than brains. It is my sincerest wish that you will find these books helpful. Everyone should have someone to love. Everyone deserves someone that is real and true. Everyone deserves to find that one special person who is the love of their life. I hope you will not be discouraged, that you still look and that you will find your special someone.








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