A Note from the Author: The Heart Series…Want to tell your story?

The Heart Series…Want to tell your story? Many victims of romance scams do not report that they were scammed by an online dating romance scammer to any government agency because it is common knowledge that scamming is not a crime in countries where scamming is prevalent.

A Note from the Author: Message from CapricornLoves

Message from CapricornLoves. am a Member of Pig Busters because I was scammed by the first man I met online. Since then I have dedicated myself to learning about online dating romance scammers and how they operate and I find that I learn something new every day.

A Note from the Author: Advances in Technology Unknowingly Help Romance Scammers

Advances in Technology Unknowingly Help Romance Scammers. Technology today is amazing, it brings people together all over the world. You can do almost anything these days. You can email, text and read emails on your phone, take pictures with your phone and send it via email or text message, you can even take videos clips with your phone. Technology is great… it is how it is used that is a problem.

A Note from the Author: 3,000 Men and Counting

3,000 Men and Counting. There is no shortage of online dating romance scammers, not in my lifetime.I began dating online on March 5, 2011. It is now two and a half years later and as of today, October 11, 2013 I have reported a total of 3,168 scammer email addresses to the Pig Busters scammer awareness website. There is absolutely no indication of slowing down.

A note from the Author – Joined a New Dating Site…Popularity Plus? NOOOO!s

Joined a New Dating Site…Popularity Plus? NOOOO! This week I joined a new dating website that boasts affluent men. I was side-tracked and although I created my profile I did not finish it. Only the basic information had been added and there were no pictures. When I came back the next morning to finish the profile, I had 10 messages waiting for me. They were messages from men who obviously looked the part… Classy older looking men; a few wine connoisseurs, standing in the vineyards, sitting with a laptop on a yacht, and cooking in a gourmet kitchen etc.

A Note from the Author – Online Dating Versus Match Maker Services

Online Dating Versus Match Maker Services. One would think the results would be better… not from my experience. I joined a Match Maker service because I was so frustrated with the scammers on the online dating websites. The service said they had a lot of quality men and guaranteed that I would be able to find someone. For the high fees they charge you would think that they would deliver. I told them I wanted a business professional, one who was my equal; my preference was Caucasian, between 5’9” and 6’3”, between the ages of 55 to 60. You would not think it would be that difficult for a service that boasts a lot of members.

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