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Easy to Fall in Love Series Introduction – Free Download

This is a must read for anyone that is a member of any social networking or dating web site. You will learn to recognize a scammer immediately and become aware of just how big of a problem it really is. I guarantee you will learn something new and be reminded of things you may have forgotten about. I have read it and was surprised at how much I had forgotten about and how I was not up to date on the many new techniques scammers are using these days. And to all Scam Busters, we all have our areas of expertise and we tend to focus on that, forgetting there are many aspects of scamming beyond what each of us individually deal with every day.

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“Thank you. After reading the eBook it sold me that he was a scammer”

United States Reader


I found that introduction series very interesting, it showed various tactics and the ways the scammers are dealing. I knew about “bribe types of scam” from my own experience. What was new to me it was so called phone sex and scammers asking for that money online. I do not have camera so never met with that lol… The book was written in very understandable form, sometimes sad sometimes humorous. In my opinion for new members and everybody this e-book can be considered as an alphabet how to recognize scams from the beginning. Usually those who never been scammed hardly believe that scamming exists or they consider scammed person as an idiot or fool. They could easily meet scammer even without noticing or knowing. They can be happy not being scammed –probably not being in that special category scammers are turning to. On the other side I know when one went through the scam – I agree with the lady, it makes one stronger and knowing more and more on tactics of scammer. I know from my own experience that it will never happen to me again as I do not allow to happen.

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I would like to share this with all of my friends, especially those single ones who are looking for love. This series of books is true personal journey of someone seeking love and the pitfalls encountered including dating scams. It is not only for those searching for love but an incredible journey and what she learned and experienced.  You can find this series by going to www.easytofallinlove.com  Easy to Fall in Loves Book Series takes you on a journey on finding love through… technology. The pitfalls of what can happen if your eyes are closed.

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There are several ways to define “Humanitarian or Humanitarianism.” Wikipedia states, “it is the ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings.” I personally think that it is a simple act that results in making other lives better and that is exactly what these books are about. CapricornLoves’ commitment to exposing online dating scammers will do just that…..make other lives better for the sacrifices that she has made. These books are a MUST READ for anyone considering online dating!

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The stories are very interesting and informative, taking the readers through the author’ journey on her quest for love. It is a must-read for those who are about to or are already embarking on the internet dating circles. The author was very truthful in her own experiences. I read about the men in her stories and then kept imagining how women who have the same purpose would say. I am not an authority on books but I would recommend this.

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I can honestly say that after reading the book I can clearly see the scam characteristics in the profiles. CapricornLoves is honest about what happened having heard it in person before it became a book. She tackled the men in the same fashion as she does her job, with the same level determination, focus, assertiveness, and tenacity. I am happy that even though there were a lot of obstacles in her journey to find love, she maintained a positive attitude and that in the end; she will find her happy ending with the love of her life……. “Love Conquers All”!

Business Associate and Friend ~ X.O. ~ Carrollton, TX

“CapricornLoves writes a personal and intimate diary of her journey through electronic dating and the hidden pitfalls and emotional trials that are lurking behind every corner. Her most personal and private thoughts and words are shared with the reader to reveal how complicated and twisted online scamming is. Learn from her journey and celebrate the opportunity to love again.”

Business Associate and Friend ~ L.A. ~ Coppell, TX

The rising popularity of online dating tied by the secrecy has led to an immense growth in Internet dating scams. It is terrible enough to break an already lonely heart – but to rip the lonely hearted bank account? Talk of extreme cruelty. This book was a definite eye opener to show all the scams along with techniques to identify these scammers. A must read book for any of the lonely hearted ladies and gentlemen out there to have their eyes opened. Simply educational!”

Business Associate and Friend ~ H.H. ~ Plano, TX

Incredible compelling story of a woman looking for love and companionship uncovers one of the biggest scams on the internet. Caring, vulnerable women find love and later realizes they are being used as an ATM. This book will help women identify, track and report heart breaking scammers on their road to finding their ultimate true love.

Business Associate and Friend ~ W.W. ~ Plano, TX

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